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No flat tire feeling. No wobble,

True-Track™ – U.S. Patent 7,677,348 B1
If you're just after a cheap Harley wobble fix you can just click off this page now.... but if you're serious about your safety and want to Stop Rearsteer™, Wiggling,

Wobbles and Oscillation while riding your rubber mounted Harley, then you've made the right choice to stay.

Harley wobble as first reported by KPHO.com. Click here to see news article.

We are not just any stabilizer, we are... the original creators, the innovators of the rear suspension stabilization device for rubber mounted Harley Davidson® motorcycles.

We are the only company to provide a stabilizer for all rubber mounted model Harleys, 1980 – present.

True-Track, Inc. has dedicated over 15 years of R & D knowledge to the True-Track stabilizer(s). For 8 years prior to the release of True-Track to the public in 2004, the company had already tested these various, nearly identical designs  each imitator offers you today and with certainty we are here to inform you the imitators do not bring the level of quality nor stability the True-Track stabilizer offers you. Satisfaction guaranteed!!!

True-Track is the only vibration free suspension HD stabilizer available on the market!

What can True-Track do for you?
• Mitigate Bagger Wobble
• Give increased Stability in turns
• Give increased Stability in side winds
• Give increased Stability in overhauling big rigs on the open highway
• Give increased Stability towing your trailer 
• Greatly alleviates bike's tendency to follow grooves and cracks in the road
• Provide confidence in your motorcycle and your riding ability

A complete list of products is available here


If $0.00 appears during the check out shipping fee calculation process, call or contact sales@true-track.com.

What benefits a True-Track offers:
• Zero-Flex Design
• No transfer of vibration to the chassis
• A rear suspension HD Stabilizer that fits completely inside the frame rail
• A Stabilizer that will not damage or crack your frame
• A Stabilizer that is CNC machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum with an anodized or
nraw finish
• A Stabilizer that protects the cast oil pan against road debris and road hazards
   pot holes
   speed bumps
   low driveways
   trailer ramps
• A Stabilizer that provides cooling of the motor
• 4 hand tools required -  3/16 & 7/32 allen wrench, 1/2 & 9/16 open end wrench is
nall you need
• No jack required - install parked on the kickstand
• An easy install in about 15 minutes (Touring models:1993-2008)

Will True-Track™ cure ALL of the handling problems in a Harley Davidson® Dresser?

To learn the answer complete the form below.
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